Rodeo drive Photoshoot Location Guide

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If you’re looking for the perfect place to capture breathtaking photos, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is your go-to spot! Surrounded by iconic fashion brands and Hollywood glamour, this street is overflowing with luxurious backdrops that will take your photoshoot up a notch. From high-end stores like Gucci and Prada to trendy boutiques like Saint Laurent and Valentino, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Whether it’s a chic look for your fashion shoot or some vintage vibes for your next Instagram post, Rodeo Drive is sure to provide the perfect backdrop. Don’t forget to take advantage of the natural light and California sunshine for some golden hour shots that will leave your followers in awe. So don’t hesitate, pack up your camera and head to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for a photoshoot experience like no other!

To get your creative juices flowing, here are our picks for

the best photoshoot locations on Rodeo Drive:

The Beverly Wilshire Hotel – This historic hotel is the epitome of classic glamour and will provide a luxurious backdrop for your photos.

Gucci – Capture some high fashion shots surrounded by all the glamorous displays in this iconic store.

Prada – For an edgier look, Prada’s modern and minimalistic storefront will be perfect for your photoshoot.

Saint Laurent – Take some artsy shots in this trendy boutique full of vintage clothing and accessories.

Valentino – Get some romantic vibes at this sophisticated store with its iconic red awning.

Dior – for that clean minimalist backdrop, also great for “model test” or portrait shots.

The Beverly Hills Sign – No trip to Rodeo Drive is complete without a photo at the famous “Beverly Hills” sign!

Rooftop of a parking garage – For a unique perspective, take your photoshoot to the roof of a parking garage. Always a great choice of minimalistic surroundings, beautiful shots of both Beverly Hills, Los Angeles skyline and Hollywood Hills. Perfect for sunset an amazing shots.

Rodeo Collection Shopping mall – For a modern and stylish photoshoot, check out the Rodeo Collection Shopping Mall. With its sleek design and chic boutiques, it’s the perfect place to capture some stunning shots. You can take an elevator to the top level, and use your creativity to take an urban shots on the staircase or by the escalator.

Via Rodeo – If you’re looking for something a little bit more rustic, take your photoshoot to Via Rodeo. With its cobblestone streets and charming boutiques, it’s the perfect place for an outdoor shoot with plenty of natural lighting and unique backdrops.

Tiffany fountain on Wilshire Boulevard – The Tiffany fountain on Wilshire Boulevard is a great spot for some glamorous shots. It’s the perfect backdrop for beautiful photos and it’s sure to make an impression!

Beverly Canon Gardens – Last but not least, Beverly Canon Gardens is the perfect place for a photoshoot. This beautiful garden features dazzling fountains, lush greenery, and vibrant flowers all year round, making it a great spot for outdoor photos. Plus, its location in the heart of Beverly Hills makes it easily accessible.

No matter what kind of photoshoot you have in mind, Rodeo drive has plenty of stunning locations to choose from.