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Central Park is like a green slice of magic in the middle of New York City’s buzz. It’s got everything from quiet, leafy spots to lively walkways – perfect for any kind of photo you’re after, be it chill vibes or something more formal. Hit me up for a photo shoot, and I’ll show you all the cool spots, from hidden benches to wide-open fields, where we can snap some great shots. Book a photo shoot and I’ll walk you through a variety of locations and options to choose from in Central Park.

Prices start at $250 USD for a 1-hour shoot

Popular Photography Destinations in Central Park

Choose between my personal route or create your own! Each route usually starts at the corner of 5th ave and 59 st but can move in any direction you want. The route we take depends on what you’re looking for — Central Park is best known its skyline view, rocks, lake and bridges which can be great for couples, portraits & lifestyle photography. My goal is to make sure you get the best pictures that you want and to guide you along the way. 

Personal Route

2 hours

Start: 59 street & 5th ave

Route:  let’s take a walk from Pulitzer Fountain, the iconic Plaza Hotel and start moving toward the middle of the Park through famous rocks and skyline, the Mall & Literary walk.

Finally, we’ll walk to Bethesda Terrace, the Fountain, and the Lake.  Bonus: option to rent a scooter/longboard for a fun, in-the-moment look.

+1 additional outfit

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Custom Route

1- 2 hours recommended

Start: Central Park

Route:  completely up to you! Choose from:

  • 5th ave and 59th street
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Skyline view
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Mall & Literary walk
  • Bethesda Terrace
  • Bethesda Fountain
  • Lake
  • MET
  • The meadow
  • Bow Bridge
+1 additional outfit

Single Route

1 hour

Start: 72st & 5th ave

Route:  Choose one location:

  • Mall & Literary walk
  • Bethesda Terrace
  • Bethesda Fountain
  • Lake
  • Bow Bridge
no additional outfits

Explore the best spots in New York City

Central Park

Romantic walks & iconic skyline views

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours

Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan view & iconic buildings

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours

Grand Central Station

Streetstyle, Iconic buildings, Park ave bridge view

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours


Instagram worthy, Streetstyle and Fashion

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours

The Vessel

Hudson Yards, Unique fancy development  

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours

Times Square

Tourists attraction

90 min | 2 hours

High Line

1.5-mile Elevated Park walkway in a trendy neighborhood of NYC

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours

Downtown NYC

Shopping & street style backgrounds

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours


Old Town, Brooklyn Bridge view

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours

Bryant Park

Skyline view, Park & Picnic, Fountain, 5th ave

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours

Long Island City

Manhattan view, Park, Coca Cola sign

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours


Museum & Art | Street Style, Central Park

30 min | 1 hour | 90 min | 2 hours

About Me

Hi! I’m Masha 🙂

It’s so nice to meet you! 

It’s always been my dream to be a photographer in Los Angeles & New York City and I’ve worked really hard to get here. I’m passionate about creating the best pictures and photography experience for my clients. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ll reply right away 🙂

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Happy Customers Make Me Happy

Masha is a highly skilled photographer and with the beautiful backdrop of South Beach at twilight you can't go wrong! My daughter booked Masha to get some professional social media photos on our vacation. She is thrilled with the results! Masha creates a relaxed atmosphere and knew exactly how to guide Lauren in poses that looked natural and one-of-a kind.


Knowledgeable about her craft, very friendly and approachable AND very accommodating. I can't recommend Masha enough. (She took absolutely stunning photos of me)


Masha found some awesome photo spots and really helped me feel more at ease being photographed. Definitely recommend!