How to prepare for your photo session?

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How to prepare for a photoshoot the night before

Simple things that will prepare you for your future session. No need to worry or stress too much, just follow this simple check list and enjoy the process, because the key to a best images is a great mood and 0 destruction.

So first things first – double check with your photographer the time and location – the night before, just to make sure that everything is in order and the weather won’t interrupt your plans!

  1. Make sure your outfit is clean, ready and try it one more time to make sure you feel the most yourself in it.
  2. Don’t drink too much water the night before, so you won’t wake up extra puffy especially if that a morning shoot.
  3. Look up few poses on Pinterest, pick the most you like and try them in front of the mirror. You can also save them on your phone, fill free to use the reference on set and even show it to your photographer. Both of you want the pictures to be satisfying to you. 
  4. Pack your essentials the night before so you won’t forget anything. If we talking about LA weather – it definitely should be sunscreen / sunglasses / hat. The first one is necessary for your skin, the last 2 can be a great prop and help with a bright sun.
  5. Don’t pick at your face. That is obvious but still. Also don’t experiment with a new haircut or facial (the face might get red or pill the next day) 
  6. Pack your makeup with you, especially setting powder in case you need a touch up. Also for a beach picture bring tanning oil – it will make your skin glowing! 
  7. Get enough sleep. Go to bed a little early if possible, definitely don’t go out or drink alcohol 
  8. Bring water and sneaks. Especially water is a must. You need to feel great, hydrated to avoid fatigue 
  9. Plan your commute to the shooting location. Don’t be late – not because it’s nice to be on time but also because sun and light is always changes. So the morning light will be the best and the later you get to the shoot the more harsh and brutal will sun, that coz a lot of sharp shades on your face.

And don’t forget to be yourself and enjoy the process, it’s the key to the best pictures!