5 Parisian-style photo spots in New York with a French vibes

New York City, with its dazzling mosaic of cultures and histories, offers a surprising slice of Paris tucked between its towering skyscrapers and bustling avenues. For those enchanted by the romantic allure of France, the city boasts several locales that radiate a distinctly Parisian vibe, making them perfect settings for photographers and Francophiles alike. Whether you’re a professional looking for that perfect backdrop or an amateur eager to capture the essence of Paris in the Big Apple, these spots provide a taste of French culture and aesthetics right here in New York. 

From art-laden galleries echoing the grand halls of Paris to quaint, cobblestone streets reminiscent of the French countryside, this guide will lead you to five Parisian-style photo spots that New York hides in plain sight.

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The Frick Collection

Housed in what was once a Gilded Age mansion on the Upper East Side, The Frick Collection contains a host of European artworks, including French paintings, with elegant interior architecture that feels very much like a Parisian salon.

The Frick Collection is like a slice of European elegance tucked away on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It’s housed in a gorgeous Gilded Age mansion that’ll make you feel like you’ve walked into a lavish Parisian home. Inside, you’ll find an impressive collection of European art, including some stunning French paintings and decorative arts that are as eye-catching as they are historic.

The vibe is super refined, with each room laid out to mirror the grand homes of Europe, complete with ornate furniture and intricate details. It’s a fantastic spot for photography, offering that upscale French flair right in the heart of New York. Whether you’re snapping pics of the art or the opulent interiors, The Frick Collection offers a beautifully photogenic backdrop that feels every bit as cultured as it looks.

Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

While not French, the architecture of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art on Staten Island was inspired by French Romanesque styles, making it a unique and visually intriguing place for photography with a European flair. This distinctive museum not only showcases a significant collection of Tibetan art but also features a design reminiscent of a French countryside monastery, with its rustic stone buildings and tranquil garden settings. The museum’s serene ambience and architectural elements such as rounded arches and thick stone walls provide a great backdrop for photos that evoke the historic French architectural style, blending the exotic with the familiar in a truly picturesque setting.

The Cloisters

Located in Fort Tryon Park, this branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is dedicated to the art and architecture of medieval Europe. Its building, styled after French monastic architecture, and its surrounding gardens provide a serene, old-world backdrop perfect for capturing a European aesthetic.

The Met Cloisters is like stepping into a medieval European sanctuary right in Upper Manhattan, nestled in the peaceful Fort Tryon Park. It’s a part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, built using bits and pieces of European monasteries, giving it a genuine old-world vibe. This place is a treasure trove of medieval art, from cool tapestries to intricate stained glass, all surrounded by gardens that stick to the medieval script with herbs and flowers typical of the time.

It’s super photogenic thanks to its architecture and the stunning views of the Hudson River. The whole setup feels a bit like a French countryside retreat, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking to capture that French aesthetic without leaving NYC. Whether you’re into photography or just want some beautiful backdrops, The Cloisters has got that perfect mix of history and natural beauty.

Washington Mews

Washington Mews is a hidden gem in Greenwich Village, NYC, that feels like a quaint little street plucked straight out of a European village. It’s a private, gated cobblestone road lined with colorful former carriage houses that have been beautifully preserved and converted into charming homes and offices.

This spot is perfect for photography with its old-world vibe and distinctly European flair. The vibrant facades, charming doors, and quiet ambiance make it a fantastic backdrop for anyone looking to capture that French provincial aesthetic in their photos. Walking down Washington Mews, you can almost imagine yourself wandering through a quiet neighborhood in Paris, making it a prime spot for photos that exude a serene and historical feel.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park, located in the heart of Manhattan, offers a slice of Parisian flair with its neatly arranged gravel paths, lush greenery, and classic French bistro-style seating. This park is a favorite among New Yorkers and visitors alike, not just for its central location behind the New York Public Library but for its vibrant atmosphere that channels the bustling park scenes found in cities like Paris. In the warmer months, the park’s outdoor café terraces are filled with people enjoying a leisurely afternoon reminiscent of the Parisian lifestyle, making it an excellent spot for capturing photos with a casual, French urban feel. The elegant layout and seasonal gardens, along with the charming carousel, add to the aesthetic, providing a photogenic urban oasis amidst the city’s skyscrapers.