How To Create a Blurry Background

What is Depth of Field? Depth of field is the distance between objects in a photo that appears acceptably sharp. Your camera can just focus precisely on one point, but the transition from clear to unfocused is subtle and ‘acceptably sharp’ could be loosely defined. The image’s viewability also relies upon how you will be […]

How to Become A Successful Photographer

Taking the leap to become a professional photographer may appear intimidating. But even with today’s ubiquity of cameras, there is still a great need for skilled professionals. This can be an incredibly rewarding career path — and one that you should definitely not overlook! Although it can be intimidating, pursuing a career in photography is […]

The Best Selfie Poses and Posing Tips

When it comes to taking the perfect selfie, there is no one size fits all. If you want to take your selfies up a notch and make sure that every picture looks amazing, here are some of the best selfie poses to try out! Best Selfie Poses to Transform Your Social Media Account 1. The […]

Rodeo drive Photoshoot Location Guide

If you’re looking for the perfect place to capture breathtaking photos, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is your go-to spot! Surrounded by iconic fashion brands and Hollywood glamour, this street is overflowing with luxurious backdrops that will take your photoshoot up a notch. From high-end stores like Gucci and Prada to trendy boutiques like Saint […]

Tips for Aesthetic Photography

What Is Aesthetic In Photography? Aesthetic in photography is a distinctive visual style that strives to create beautiful or emotionally powerful images. It’s all about creating aesthetically pleasing photographs by playing with light, color, texture, depth, and other elements of composition. Aesthetics in photography includes either the intentional selection or arrangement of elements or the […]

The Ultimate Guide To Boudoir Photography

Selecting a Camera and Lens for Boudoir Photography When it comes to boudoir photography, choosing the right camera and lens is essential. While many photographers prefer DSLRs for boudoir shots, Mirrorless cameras can also work well. Look for a camera with good image quality and low noise levels so you can capture crisp images in […]

Best Times of the Day for a Photo Shoot

Best Times of the Day for a Photo Shoot Table of Contents Do you have an upcoming photo shoot or simply want to make the most of your shoots?  The time of the day when you take pictures can make all the difference when it comes to composing images. By using the outdoor’s natural lights, […]

What is commercial photography (and how to break into the industry?)

Model on Tennis Court

What is commercial photography: How to break into the industry Table of Contents Curious about what it takes to become a professional photographer serving businesses and high-profile clients? Then read is for you. We put together the basics of commercial photography and how you start a career in the industry even if you don’t have […]

Best Couples Poses Ideas 2022

Getting pictures taken professionally can be very overwhelming, especially if this is your first photoshoot together.  Don’t worry I got you! Here is easy tips how get confident and enjoy your photo session: go to pinterest or my TikTok, where I have playlist “Couples Poses”  and save your favorite poses to your phone, screenshot them […]

How to prepare for your photo session?

How to prepare for a photoshoot the night before Simple things that will prepare you for your future session. No need to worry or stress too much, just follow this simple check list and enjoy the process, because the key to a best images is a great mood and 0 destruction. So first things first […]