Best Couples Poses Ideas 2022

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Getting pictures taken professionally can be very overwhelming, especially if this is your first photoshoot together. 

Don’t worry I got you!

Here is easy tips how get confident and enjoy your photo session:

  • go to pinterest or my TikTok, where I have playlist “Couples Poses”  and save your favorite poses to your phone, screenshot them if you need to
  • practice these poses in front of the mirror at home before the shoot
  • try something new. get out of your comfort zone just for 1 day, and your future self will be very grateful for your bravery
  • Don’t hesitate to tell your photographer how you’re feeling during the shoot. My goal is to make you feel good because then you’ll look good! 

Also not every shoot has to be with a professional photographer, you can easely use a tridop or ask your friend to take pictures of you two, so here is poses ideas for when your Boyfriend doesn’t like to pose for a camera

Here is more inspirational videos with poses you can find on TikTok MarieKesey


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